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A tribute

George Steinbrenner has died at the ripe young age of 80.


Steinbrenner bought the Yankees in 1973, 37 years ago. I am 23. Steinbrenner had an attitude, a cut throat win at all costs attitude that fit New York baseball better than a worn in glove. He has been synonymous with the Yankees my entire life, and the bane of my existence in the 90’s. I have never had anything less than a tremendous hatred for the Yankees, and Steinbrenner, but today that hatred is all about respect. I didn’t hate this man because he ever personally did anything to me. I hated him because he was good at what he did. I hated him for creating a monster that won 9 division titles in a row, crushing my childhood hopes and dreams year after year. With seemingly unlimited resources, he reinvented the Yankee franchise, if that was even possible. He made winning the norm, and still pushed to get better. He saw talent, players, and opportunities and said, “I want that, make it happen.” and it would happen.

So after watching you beat my Red Sox for the AL East title 11 times, and winning it all 5 times (and two more prior to me being born), I tip my Red Sox cap to George Steinbrenner. May we see you in the Hall of Fame soon.

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