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Barry Bonds: I want one more year

2007 was big for Barry Bonds. Records were broken, set and talked about. Barry Bonds home run counters were everywhere, and most people hated it. I for one, didn’t want to be told by sports center how many minutes it had been since the last Barry Bonds home run.

In fact, 2 years ago I was hoping he would get injured, or he wouldn’t get a new contract. I wanted him to be DONE. I wanted him out and I wanted Aaron’s record in tact.

Well here we are, the Giants and Barry Bonds have cut ties. He has expressed interest in still playing but for the most part I think nobody will sign him. Hes old, his body is getting fragile, and I’m sure he will be demanding a good amount of money and most teams wont pay it with all the steroid talk.

This could easily mean the end of the Barry Bonds era, and most people are probably happy about that.

I’m going to be the first to say BARRY BONDS PLEASE PLAY ONE MORE YEAR!!! Take a pay cut and play for what a poor team can pay you!!!!

Okay, I realize the ridiculousness of that statement, but don’t kill me over it yet. I want the Pittsburgh Pirates to sign Barry Bonds. Think about it, he has already broken the record, all he can do now is put up a few more. One more year, he might spend some time on the DL, but for the most part it would be an eventless year without much attention on him.

I say this not because I actually want him to play again, or because I care what he does on the field. I say this because it would be huge for the Pirates. Barry Bonds is a marketing gem, and his ability to bring in money to a weak Pittsburgh team is huge. He would finish his career where he started and would be a huge boost to one of the weakest teams in the league.

No, I didn’t say that he would help the Pirates directly win anything. This signing would NOT improve their chances of making the playoffs at all. All it does is bring in income in which they would be use to better their club in the 2009-’10 seasons.

I would love to see this happen, there is no downside to this, other than dealing with one more year of seeing Barry Bonds on SPORTSCENTER.

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