About The Author

Hello all!

I hope you have enjoyed the site. Presumably you have clicked the about tab to find out a little about me, so here we go!

I grew up in New Hampshire, and as a result, I have been a Red Sox fan for as long as I can remember. As soon as I was old enough to know what a newspaper was, I used to run out in the morning just to see if the Sox had won or lost the previous day. Then I would check the standings and stats, becoming more and more enthralled in the numbers. This was just the beginning of my compulsive baseball behaviors. Inevitably, the internet didn’t help these compulsions. I now am not only watching every Sox game I can, but check MLB.com, RedSox.com, and ESPN every day, along with multiple fantasy teams. As a numbers guy, I was into fantasy baseball very young. I like to think that I do well every year, and contend in the playoffs annually.

My love for numbers eventually blossomed into a fantastic love for math and statistics in high school, and a Mathematics degree from Drexel University. Yes, Drexel is not in New England, which made Sox loving life difficult. I kept my fandom, and went to every Phillies-Sox game I could. I’ve seen Josh Beckett hit TWO home runs in Citizens Bank Park. Post college, I moved back to New Hampshire, where I currently live.

I like to think I like all aspects of baseball. I can watch a Nationals-Mets game if it’s on, but nothing compares to watching my own team. I’ll try and write about some baseball topics that are bigger than just the Red Sox, but I will likely stick to the Sox for the most part. If you would like any topic covered please send me an email at bleedredblog@gmail.com and I’ll write something up!

Thanks for reading and please sign up for email updates if you like what you see! Hopefully I will be able to provide some valid points, and tickle that baseball itch that lives deep inside us all.

-Kevin Cole


3 responses to “About The Author

  1. Ann King

    Our Father, who art at Fenway…
    Baseball be thy game.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    Playoffs need to be won,
    On Earth, then on to the Cask ‘n’ Flagon.

    Give us this day, a perfect Papi,
    And forgive us our losses,
    As we forgive those,
    Like Bill Buckner.

    And lead us not, into desperation,
    But deliver us from any losses.

    For thine is the Power,
    And the Glory,
    To beat the Indians,
    Forever and ever….the Yankees suck

  2. Michael

    Certainly, you have to respect the Red Sox turn around in the NLCS, but I suspect that the Indians will prevail tonight. What do you think, Kevin?

  3. Catie

    Michael, Its the ALCS! How bout our Sox?? The minors and producing and keeping us young, thats what I like to see!

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