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Strong win for Red Sox

Game: Aug, 1 Orioles at Boston Red Sox.

 Very good win for the Red Sox. In comparison to previous years, we are not winning many games via any come from behind dramatics. If we do come from behind, it is usually in the first few innings and we hold on to win it.

Tonight felt different. The fact that Trachsel quieted our bats, and we were behind in the 7th, made this game feel much more like a late inning come from behind win. Yes, it wasn’t the 9th inning, but I cant recall many 7th inning rallies to win the game either. Just good to see them pull one out that could have been in the Loss column.

Decent job by Tavarez, glad we have someone who can make a spot start like that on short notice. Good job by Snyder. Great to see Youk and Papi as part of the game winning rally.

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Sox Aquire Gagne

Move: Red Sox send Kason Gabbard, David Murphy, and Engel Beltre to the Rangers for Eric Gagne

Opinion: Great move.

The Red Sox just went from the best bullpen in the majors, to the most fantastic bullpen in the majors by a long shot. Now, I don’t think this move was NEEDed, however it is a great move. I love Gabbard and it’s sad to see him go, but really, his trade value will never be as high as it is right now. I hope he has a great career and winds up in Boston again at some point. It will be interesting to see if Gagne takes the 8th from Oki, and moves him to the 7th, or if Gagne takes the 7th himself. My guess is Gagne will be our 8th inning guy.

The biggest part of this deal to me, is that the Yankees didn’t land Gagne. When they traded away a reliever I was sure they had a deal in the works to bring him to New York.

Donnelly is now out for the season, which is one of the main reason they were willing to do the deal. This deal solves 2 “problems” for the Sox. When Donnelly came back, the pen would have been crowded with Gagne there. It also removes the issue of Lester/Gabbard going back to AAA once Schilling comes back, which after last nights rehab start, I believe will be in 5 days for Schil’s next start.

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