So… much… pitching…

I love it!

The Red Sox have pitched their way into the #1 record in the MLB.

Starting with Daisuke and his shutout 6 2/3 innings last weekend, and finishing off with Lester’s no-no, Masterson’s first win and a promising start from and old Cy-Young winner, we have now rattled off 6 in a row.

Let’s not forget that Curt Schilling is still in the background, and Buchholz is out with a broken fingernail, which once healed, shouldn’t hinder him at all. Add in Masterson and any spot starts he can give us, and this team is not only loaded with pitching, but loaded with GOOD PROMISING pitching.

And don’t shake your head and throw your arms in the air in disgust next time Lester, Buchholz, Masterson, or Wakefield get knocked around a little. It’s baseball, losing happens. We are built for the long haul, and built to be dominant in the post season. These are our 3, 4, and 5 guys! I mean hey, we could be throwing out Kyle Kendrick, Brett Meyers, or Adam Eaton if that makes you feel any better. (See: Phillies Rotation)

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