No Worries

Ahhh Baseball. So happy that you are back. Sorry that I haven’t been writing in this recently, but it hasn’t been part of my routine for a while but I’ll try and get back into it now that the season is here.

So the Red Sox seem to be off to a bit of a “slow” start this year. I already hear cries of panic that the Jays swept us or that we lost a game to the (at the time) 0-7 Tigers. I have 2 words for all you nay-sayers, “Calm down.”

The Sox have had an intense travel schedule with Japan, West Coast, and Toronto. I’m not saying it is an excuse for them losing last night, but it has certainly not allowed our players to get into a nice little groove. As for the Tigers, come on now, did anyone actually think they would go 0-162. This is a team that 90% of the baseball universe thought was going to the playoffs 2 weeks ago and I see no reason why they still can’t. Yes, we lost to an 0-7 team, but they are still a good team.

I suspect our bats will wake up in about a week or so. As we get into this every day swing of things, players will see more pitches, get more at bats, and get some hot streaks going. Papi isn’t going to hit .100 all year, Lowell is going to get hot.

It’s April people, we aren’t out of it yet.

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