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Proctor to Dodgers, Betemit to Yanks

Move: Yankees trade Scott Proctor to the Dodgers for Wilson Betemit.

Opinion: Bad Trade (For the Yankees) Good trade for me as I am a Sox fan. This does not make the Yankees a better team.

This one puzzles me a little bit. The Yankees, who can blame much of their first half struggles on bullpen fatigue, have traded a reliever for an infielder. Now I don’t know much about Betemit, in fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen him play. Looking at his numbers, I can’t see why the Yankees made this move. Their recent hot streaks have been in periods where they put up many runs, so getting a bat seems odd to me. (And Betemit doesn’t appear to have a hot bat at all.) Since July 1, they are 19-8. In all 19 wins they scored 5 or more runs. In 18 of those wins, they scored 6 runs or more.  They even had 5 games with 10+ runs.  Offense just doesn’t seem to be the problem here.

Quoted from, “The Yankees view Betemit as another first-base/DH/bench option for this year, and a potential third-base replacement for Alex Rodriguez next year. ”

I don’t think the Yankees are considering the 3rd base in case A-Rod thing leaves. They will react to that if and when it happens.

Good move for the Dodgers who have been in great need of bullpen help.

The only reasoning behind this move that I see, is possibly that the Yankees are trying to make a hard push to land Gagne and may be offering up some position players to make that happen.

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Pineiro to Cards

Move: Joel Pineiro and cash considerations to the Cardinals for a player (prospect) to be named later.

Opinion: Good Move

It is tough to classify this as a good move because we don’t exacltly know what we are getting yet. I’ve always liked Pineiro, I still do. I like the kid, and the way he pitches. I liked him in Seattle and I’ll like him in St. Louis. The sound fact is, he just didn’t have the stuff to dominate in Boston.  If he had been dominant, we wouldn’t be talking about this trade, and he would still be in a Sox uniform, but we can not just look at this trade as a Pineiro for prospect trade, because we had already made the move to take him off the big league roster. At this point there wasn’t space on the big league club for him, now or in the future.  WIth the status of the Red Sox minor league system as it is, and so many highly thought of pitching prospects, it would be very tough for Pineiro to hold a job here in Boston.

I would expect we are getting a fielding prospect for him, maybe an infielder, only because I think that would be more valueable to the Red Sox org. as we have so many pitching prospects, as well as Ellsbury and company in the OF.

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The Blog

Hello all you Interweb surfers. Today is the start of my blog. This will be a place for me to write, post, discuss, interact, and rant about everything baseball related. I’ll talk about trades, news, and anything you want. Want me to cover a topic you haven’t seen me write about yet? Just ask and I’ll get on it. This is a place for me to get down to the raw baseball, stripped of the typical BS of the media. For the most part, this will be a Red Sox blog as I have been a die hard fan since I was old enough to know what baseball was. I live and die Red Sox, staying up with the most important rumors, stories and non-storys. I stay current with every game, but most importanly, I bleed Red.

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